Briclone - A product developed by NICB scientist now available in India through OSB Lifesciences

We are pleased to offer a unique product developed by scientists at NICB. The NICB is a publicly-funded research institute in Dublin City University, Ireland and have been manufacturing & selling Briclone for over 25 years to academics and antibody development companies in Ireland, UK & Europe, USA, Japan and Taiwan 

Now this product is available to researchers in India through OSB Lifesciences.

They also have companion products - such as "GroClone": a serum-free version that performs similarly.

Briclone is a hybridoma cloning media supplement that supports optimal growth of freshly-fused hybridoma cells during the fusion and post-fusion stages of antibody production and under conditions of single cell cloning. This improves the success rate for hybridoma fusions, saving time for researchers by reducing risks of batch-to-batch variation and competition between feeder cells and eliminating the need for time-consuming preparations.