Reagent Genie develop innovative reagents for biomarker & drug discovery scientists through 3 brands ELISA Genie, Assay Genie & Antibody Genie. They have been able to create innovative products like GeniePlex multiplex ELISA from ELISA Genie, the Assay Genie range of cell-based & biochemical assays & unique antibodies & conjugation technology from Antibody Genie. 

ELISA Genie is a premium brand with over 26,000 ready-to-use ELISA kits & GeniePlex Multiplex Immunoassay technology.

Assay Genie has 1,200 assays, kits, cellular probes and tracking dyes for all your research needs.

Antibody Genie supplies over 15,000 cell biology and flow cytometry antibodies.

Reagent Genie, Ireland