Research Product

OSB has collaborated withJSR Life sciences/MBL, Japan to distribute their products acrossIndia. MBL is one of the leading biotechnology companies and as thefirst antibody manufacturer in Japan. MBL offers a wide variety ofsophisticated products to diagnostic and research market worldwide.

MBL develops,manufactures, and markets antibodies and reagents necessary for research in molecular biology and cell biology and provides total solution services that can resolve problems for researchers in these fields.

  • Autophagy

  • Immunology

  • Stem cell research

  • RNA-RNP network

  • Epigenetics

  • Cancer

  • Metabolism

  • Drug discovery

  • Apoptosis

  • Ubiquitin proteasome

  • Neuroscience

  • Multipletransmembrane protein

  • Circadian rhythm

  • Cell surfaceantigens

  • Cytokine &Growth Factors

  • Signal transduction

  • Cellular stress

  • Exosomes

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